I'm excited to be offering select images from my Creek Bed Abstract series. They are being printed on aluminum panels using a dye-sublimation process, which gives this wonderful reflective quality that is perfect for images of water (paper prints are available, as well). They come in 3 different sizes and they're pre-installed with float-mount hangers, which "float" the panel a 1/2" off the wall when hung.

The entire series is available in book form. Check it out here Or, better yet, stop what you're doing right now, get outside and spend some time discovering your own abstracts. It's worth the time and effort, I promise.

I'm captivated by the flow and gurgle of moving water. That fascination was the catalyst for this series of photographs. The video and audio presentations capture a bit of what I love about Creek Beds. (Video recorded on a Samsung Note 4 and the audio on a Zoom H4n.)

By the way, every image you see on the site is available for purchase. Just shoot me an email if you find something you'd like to own that's not in the shop.