Noon is a year long project that began in October 2006 as a self challenge to photograph under the harsh lighting conditions of the midday sun. 

Over the course of that year the project became a portrait of a place; a 130 acre tract of land set in a crook in Big Timber Creek.  Just a few short miles across the Delaware river from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

It is an unassuming piece of property to be sure, yet possesses great diversity. Once a horse farm, there are expanses of open field, woodland, ponds, shoreline, as well as a variety of wildlife. 

These photographs are an exploration and celebration of simple, everyday beauty that is often only revealed after careful, patient observation. They are more the result of uncovering and discovering than actively seeking. 

Countless hours of wandering in all types of weather has given me an intimate knowledge and understanding of this place. A place which has become for me an ordinary oasis.