Torii on Rocky Shore
African  Violet
Three Trees
Window Flowers #2
Winter Trees #2 - Diptych
Six Jizo
The Hungry Heron
Valley Forge Deer
Branching Screen
Flaming Arch Unfurls
Young and Old
Winter Trees #1
Pond and Lantern
Dandelion - Two Views
Sakura Reflections #2
Disheveled Beauty #1
Farm Shed
An Unexpected Visit
Blue and Green
Bridge Over Stream
Creek Bed Abstract #40
Ephemeral Beauty
Four White Pedals
Green and Lavender
Jizo and Weed
Magnolia, Bamboo, and Wall
Morning Light
Passage to the Sea
Pine and Bamboo
Rock and Pine Reflection
Rock Over Reflections
Sakura and Moon
Sakura and Wall
Sakura Reflections
Three Bamboo
Window Flowers #1
Winter Sun Rises
Wood and Stone
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